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Business profile portraits and head-shots

One of the great pleasures of my job, is working with inspirational people; business people, charity workers, artists, authors, medical professionals, clergy, even a pioneering disabled horse rider and a 'slimmer of the year'. 
Many who come to the studio have great confidence in their own arena but lack confidence in their own appearance and when having their own picture taken.  I have worked with so many people who have come to their shoot declaring their hatred of having their picture taken and leave more confident, comfortable with the camera and having had fun!  
This is more than I can ask and one of the many reasons I do what I do. 
Working in the studio may be ideal for one person whereas on location, in a workshop or even in the woods, is best for another.  I try to ensure that sessions are fun, relaxed, at your own pace, and experiment with what works best for you.

Laura Scottorn Photography for all your commercial, events, PR, portrait, advertising, press, packshot photography needs

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