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Getting ready for your Makeover shoot

Whether you are having a business profile picture, an agency or audition headshot or something just for fun, you may like to just turn up and enjoy your makeover and shoot or you may want to prepare.  Either way, it should be fun and should be stress free, if you are worried at all send Melinda and I a message and we will do our best to help. 
**These tips are suggestions based on previous experience to help you prepare for your headshot shoot, these should not be taken as firm rules just suggestions, they are also standard tips we give to everyone and no reflection on you or how you look.**

Headshot Top Tips for women

  • Clothing: keep it comfortable so you can move in it but professional. Think about your style and what you want to convey about you and your business. Make sure it is something that you would actually wear – no point wearing something that is not your style or you aren’t comfortable in. 

    • Also consider a colour scheme, does your website have a colour scheme, do you want what you are wearing to compliment that.  I would also advise covering shoulders for business headshots but that is very much a personal choice.  Consider what colours work well for you.  For example, I probably wouldn’t wear bright orange for my own headshots, as I know it isn’t a colour that suits me and has no association to my business. 

    • Try to avoid completely black or white or overly patterned, anything that gathers or pinches poorly or uncomfortably when you move or sit or anything low cut. No shoes are allowed in the studio but bring some in case we do any full-length shots, again consider the style and shoes that go with it. 

  • Hair: please arrive with hair clean and un-styled. 

  • Facial and body Hair: Bit of weird one but I advise shaving legs, even if you are wearing trousers, to allow us the option to do a couple of full length shots and in case any trousers you happen to be wearing ride up a bit, or if you have tights on, the new camera is very high res and high def so you see everything, not even a hair on a leg can hide!  Equally if you are wearing short sleeves you may want to consider your underarm hair. 

    • It’s also a good idea (and for the record I have no idea about your facial hair, so could be telling you something irrelevant and can't see you through the computer) if you happen to be plucking eyebrows, have a quick once-over with the tweezers on your face, I’ve found that on most ladies, you wouldn’t even think or notice facial hair, until it’s in high resolution, high definition, in Photoshop!

  • Make-up: Keep makeup simple, nothing radically different to what you would normally wear, fresh and light is good, it’s a good idea to cover any blemishes and shadows under eyes, some powder is a good idea to remove any shine.  Slightly glossy lipstick can be nice to accentuate lips.  But otherwise it is up to you.  Keep eyes quite light, not too heavy with makeup, as they can be easily lost in a photograph. 

  • please arrive with a clean face, moisturised and without makeup. 

Young person agency headshot

For young people requiring model/performing artist/agency headshots, it is best to wear simple unfussy clothing, not too clingy and not too baggy, it should be age appropriate, avoid anything over patterned, completely black or completely white.  

Agencies generally like head and shoulders, full length and some personality.  We will do a combination of all of this in the studio to allow lots of pictures for you to choose from.  Unless you require otherwise, we will be using a white background. 

*If you know you require something specific please share before the shoot so I can plan accordingly.  You are very welcome to share ideas, send examples or links to pictures you have seen that you would like to try out. 

Hair and makeup as above, please arrive with clean moisturised face and clean dry hair. 

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