Wedding Price list

It's your unique, special day and the photography you want will be equally unique.  I have a relaxed unobtrusive style, I often inject fun or humour into my approach and am happy to tailor any of the packages below to fit your needs, personality and requests.  The key to good wedding photography is communication, we will have various meetings and pre-shoots before your big day so we can work well together. 

I want to make sure all your costs are clear and there are NO hidden charges, these can all be viewed below. 

Simply start by having at look at the wedding gallery, then the packages suggested and think about what you have in mind for your pictures.   Please feel free to contact me by email, Facebook or by phone, all details are on the contact page. 

Shoot packages:

These include each image being individually professionally optimised (colour/light balancing, turning raw files into usable jpegs), ready to print.  The final images can be delivered by Dropbox, USB or both. 

Package 1

Includes post ceremony posed portraits, couple and group shots, with reportage images while not shooting groups.
40 printable professionally optimised high res images............................ £550

Package 2

As package 1, plus Bride/bridesmaids getting ready, bride arrival and staged cake cutting.
50 printable professionally optimised high res images........................ £650

Package 3

Includes all from package 2, plus reportage throughout day and images of the location, plus actual cake cutting and table shots of guests. 
60 printable professionally optimised high res images............................ £750

Package 4

Includes all from package 3, plus speeches, first dance and all other requests for whole day.
80 printable professionally optimised high res images............................ £900

Additional costs:

Additional USB sticks: £10 each


Additional images: £10 each

Books/albums - agreed book from my usual supplier + £100 design fee

Print costs available on request.


The packages above have been designed based on previous weddings I have photographed and can be tailored to your wedding. The image quantity in the package is approximate but based on my experience, it is usually plenty to cover what you will probably require and is negotiable.  Anything I do that you have not requested is not chargeable!
After the wedding, you will be sent a gallery with thumbnail pictures of the best images. From these, you can choose the images you would like to have professionally optimised and sent by Dropbox. If you think the packages above don't cover exactly what you would like, feel free to use the one nearest and add or take away what you would like. It's your day – you can have whatever you like.